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Customer Success Stories:


A great tool for collaboration. The automatic screenshots while sending others comments makes the process much faster and easier for them to understand. The tool seems to be getting a lot of upgrades and improvements - so that's a good sign they listen to user feedback!

Yozhyk Productions

Marketing Agency


As a passionate reviewer, I often face misunderstandings, and what happens even more often is that part of my critique is overseen and forgotten. With your tool and the possibility to assign a status, that would happen way less often.
If this were a desktop tool making screenshots of any open window and not just browsers, I would definitely use it on a daily basis for code/design reviews.

Caroline S.



Awesome Product! Kind of like the old MS Edge but even better

Emad K.

Software Developer


Beep helped make it much easier to communicate where and how my team could maximize our website's speed. I can request changes made to specific assets or code on the page, and I found there is less misunderstanding in doing so.

Rahul R.

Web Developer


Beep is a game-changer for simplifying online communication. The ease of pointing, clicking, and sharing thoughts makes it a must-have tool. It's like a visual language for the web! Excited to see how Beep transforms the way we collaborate online.

Istiak A.



Beep is a great tool for quickly making a collection of competitor data gathered from the web. There is less need for me and my team to create long documents, several emails, or conduct multiple meetings to discuss and strategize our response to competitor initiatives.

Andrea S.

Marketing Manager


Beep made collecting research material for my Ph.D. studies easy. Its bookmarking feature stands out since it also takes a screenshot whenever a comment is created. This makes it easy to refer to notes taken from all over the web collectively in just one webpage. I found it saves me some time in revising for exams or when referring to sources for courseworks.

Natalie K.

Ph.D. Student


Beep's collective bookmarking feature made it easy to create a scrollable list of annotated screenshots so clients could understand our solution better and how it compares to our competitors. Beep made this back-and-forth communication with leads much easier compared to long emails or documents.

George T.

Sales Representative


Great solution!
It took me a long time to figure out what to describe the improvements.
The comment function of this product is similar to Figma and easy to understand.
For example, This would be useful for a website renewal project.

Kurachi S.

Lead Engineer


I have been using Beep to share feedback with others, it's much faster than a Zoom call or a Google doc. Highly recommended!

Orlie S.

Startup Tech Developer


I'm a manager in a consultancy firm and this tool has saved us time in getting projects completed with our clients. Soliciting feedback is a breeze and the attached screenshots gives messages extra clarity. We often handle multiple online documents on a daily basis, and when Beep is used to point something out, being able to track what exactly is being referred to is a relief. It's a stellar tool so far, and I'd be using it more if it could be incorporated into task management platforms.

Nathan W.

Consultancy Firm Manager


I'm a software developer and I've used Beep to report bugs to my colleagues. In just a few clicks, I can communicate where and what the problem is. I found Beep can also be used to create step-by-step guides to explain web-based processes.

Amit S.

Software Developer


I'm student in university, this tool helped me to save for later webpages for courseworks and finals assessments. I also use Beep to better cooperation with my classmates for group works. Faster work? Yes. The tool is fun to use. I like the emojis that appear when new comments are created.


University Student


I've been using Beep for quite some time now and it's been a great experience! Super easy to use and it works wonder when you're giving feedback or asking for changes. Amazing aid for the remote teams! 💜🙌🏻

Mansi T.

Outreach & Operations


I've been using Beep mostly for myself to take down notes. The hashtag feature and the ability to see the comment on the webpage really helps make this extension stand out. Recently got my friends to try it out, and Beep showed more of its potential. I'm sure there are many ways to use this tool that I have not yet explored yet. Thank you developers!

GrizzliusMaximus Games

Software Engineer


I've used Beep to save profiles or contact details of potential leads as soon as I find them on the web. With Beep I no longer have to manually take screenshots and create spreadsheets. It's not intended for large databases of leads which CRMs are better suited for, but this is still a useful tool when gathering information to prepare for a small networking event or meeting.

Carmen A.

Lead Generation Specialist


Looks really cool to speed up strategies, feedback and research across webpages with the team instead of going back and forth with Looms and links

Nico S.

Early Stage Growth Expert


Loving it so far. It's probably not the intention of the developers, but I use it mostly to bookmark pages (for future purchases or vacation destinations/deals). Love that I can organize bookmarked pages into categories with hashtags, and share these bookmark categories with my friends.

Anastasia S.

Digital Marketer


My team and I found it really easy to use Beep. We found it very useful in saving us time to review, edit and finalize not only websites, but any documents that are uploaded and viewable online.

Mikhail O.



My team has used this tool to comment on web-based documents (e.g., files saved on Google Drive) and request for changes. Being able to then further collaborate with teammates in real-time allows the team to finalized work much faster than we could previously. Would greatly recommend!

Javier L.

Project Manager


The sheer simplicity and power packed into Beep are mind-blowing! The ability to effortlessly share feedback, explanations, and instructions by simply pointing and clicking on anything across the web is a stroke of genius. It's like having a personalized virtual tour guide through the digital landscape, enabling seamless communication in a visual and intuitive manner.

Shivam T.

Content Marketer


The uses and applications for this are nearly endless for anyone in frontend design... you can get feedback from clients, internally, bug reports, and much more.

Anthony L.



This is so cool! When we were working on the our website, it was a hassle each time; between testing then reporting the bugs to the design team, taking screenshots, etc. but this makes it more easier and centralized.

Rihab Z.

Marketing Lead


This tool is the ultimate timesaver when giving others feedback on the web. My team can express the same messages without the need for manually capturing screenshots, creating screen recordings, and then editing those images/video..

Brian E.

Marketing Specialist

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Messages sent as a paper airplane
Messages sent as a paper airplane
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