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Over 100 Teams Use Beep for User Testing

learn how in under 30 seconds👇

When our UX team started asking testers to leave feedback using Beep, our user testing sessions were concluded much faster than when conducting interviews.  When the testers were provided with a short brief, we didn’t even have to be present during those sessions and the users could test the demo by themselves. Overall, it proved to be a much cheaper solution.

Marianne G.

UX Manager


Teams using Beep save

100s of hours⏳ weekly





Free instant access • No credit card required

"Simplest feedback tool I have ever used - super easy to get started too"

"Beep helps us to have twice less video calls and be more productive"

"I am definitely not going back to screenshots or screen recordings"

Messages sent as a paper airplane
Messages sent as a paper airplane
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