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Use Cases

Using Beep to review websites

Instantly request changes & improvements to your website, social media pages or posts. Streamline the testing, evaluation and continuous improvement of your content and marketing channels, so results can be delivered faster.

Using Beep to report bugs

Quickly report bugs as soon as they are found with just a few clicks. Since Beeps are easy to understand and to locate, bugs are more likely to get fixed much faster.

Using Beep for User Testing

Share more relevant, timely and clear feedback to UX teams when user testers review your web-based products using Beep. Save time from having to schedule calls.

Using Beep for UX/UI reviews

Instantly and precisely point out elements that can be optimized for UX/UI purposes. Streamline the testing, evaluation and improvement of your website, so optimizations can be implemented faster and as flawlessly as possible.”

Using Beep to collect design ideas

Instantly share interesting design ideas from anywhere on the web - and discuss them in real-time. Bookmark comments according to categories for easy organization & reference.

Using Beep for doing research

Compile and organize resources gathered on the web. Organize comments into folders. Find the information you need for meetings, reports and executive decisions on one page.

Using Beep for competition research

Collecting and organizing online information regarding your competitors’ products, pricing strategy, marketing tactics. View them all on one page and make strategic research & planning easier.

Explore various ways Beep can help supercharge your review workflow.

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