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🔎 Looking for the best solution for your business?

We'll be happy to help create a customized plan that scales with you.

🏢 Get a cheaper price per user for larger teams, with all the premium plan benefits.

for Growing Teams

Free Forever


15 Beeps/month

💼2 Projects

#10 Hashtags

⚙️1 Integration

🔗10 Link Shares

🎥5 mins. Screen recording

📌1 File attachment

🤖1000 AI tokens

Trial SuperBeeper plan included.

No credit card required.

for Lite Reviewers



Unlimited Beeps/month

💼Unlimited Projects

# Unlimited Hashtags

⚙️Unlimited Integrations

🔗Unlimited Link Shares

🎥10 mins. Screen recording

📌Unlimited File attachments

🤖5000 AI tokens

No credit card required.

Instant Access.

for Professionals

"Simplest feedback tool I have ever used - super easy to get started too"

"Beep helps us to have twice less video calls and be more productive"

"I am definitely not going back to screenshots or screen recordings"


Frequently Asked Questions

The term, 'beep', refers to a single comment created anywhere on the web using our tool. The comment comes attached with a screenshot or screen-recording. And can be saved for individual use or shared with others for collaborative work.


Aside from being just a comment, a 'beep' is also a task whereby each has a toggle for users to change its status accordingly (i.e., none, to do, in progress, done). Furthermore, 'beeps' can also be viewed altogether on our stand-alone kanban board for better task management & tracking.

What is a 'Beep' / What are 'Beeps'?
Beep comment creation cursor

In Beep, you can create 'projects' to assign beeps to. 'Projects' are essentially folders and you can name them however you like. The purpose of having these is for better beep organization and to ensure you have your most important or task-specific beeps ready whenever you need them. 'Projects' can also be shared with teammates for enhanced collaboration.

Plus, each individual 'project' can be opened to view all the beeps assigned to it on one scrollable webpage - screenshots, comments, links and replies included.

What are 'Projects'?
Beep projects icon

In Beep, hashtags (#) are used to categorize and organize beeps. Hashtags can be typed into the comment box while making a beep, and the user has the freedom to name the categorization (e.g., #marketingideas, #websitechanges, #besttools, etc.). Beeps containing the same hashtag will be grouped together.

Like 'projects', each individual hashtag category can be opened to view all the beeps assigned to it on one scrollable webpage - screenshots, comments, links and replies included.

What are 'Hashtags'?
Beep hashtags icon

We understand users already have favorite tools for productivity & collaboration - and we want to enhance your existing workflow further. Beep can be integrated with Notion or Jira.

In the near future, we are working to also include integrations to Telegram, Slack, & Zapier. We are always open to requests from our users.

What are 'Integrations'?
Beep integrations icon

'Link shares' or 'sharing a link' refers to one of the methods beeps can be shared with others. What's great about 'link shares' is through this, a beep can be sent to even non-users.

Upon opening the link, recipients see the comment, screenshot of the page (with the marker locating where the beep was created), and a nifty section where a reply can be given.

What are 'Link Shares'?
Beep Link share icon

Every beep comes with the option to make and attach a screen recording. This is great for clearly explaining specific steps, or how you arrived at certain errors or outcomes.

Screen recordings can be made of the tab, of the browser or of the entire screen. And you have the option to select your audio input device. The SuperBeeper plan allows users to make and attach a screen recording of up to 10 minutes per comment.

What are 'Screen Recordings'?

Every beep comes with the option to attach files of any format. Whether it be an image, text, PDF, spreadsheet, etc., you can clearly let your recipient know how you want things to look, or keep them better informed. This is great for streamlining your feedback process, so all you need can be done on one tool.

The SuperBeeper plan allows users to attach any number of files of any format to a comment (up to a total file size of 50MB). The Free Forever plan only allows users to attach 1 file of any format to a comment with the same 50MB file size limit.

What are 'File attachments'?
Beep file attachments

AI tokens are credits spent when using Beep's "Edit with AI" feature. "Edit with AI" (or "Imagine") allows you to let AI suggest possible options for text and/or image elements directly on any live website. You can see how these changes will appear in real-time, and can even share these suggestions with others via creating and sending a beep on that page.

The SuperBeeper plan includes a 5000 AI token-limit per month (unspent tokens do not stack/accumulate), which allows users to suggest edits to over 3,500 words.

What are 'AI tokens'?
Beep Edit with AI
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