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Agencies and freelancers use Beep for visual feedback

Beep is the easiest-to-use alternative to Usersnap

Teams have switched to Beep for being the easiest tool to point out anything on the web and share clearer feedback with anyone - in seconds!

"Simplest feedback tool we have ever used, yet packed with features."

"My clients love its easy UI. Wish I knew about this tool much earlier."

"Projects got done faster as it was easier to give feedback & iterate"

1 min

4 mins

Minimum time to setup & create first comment


Attach files for more context


Easy navigation and simple UI


Screen recording function


Task tracking & in-built kanban board



Free plan available

$9 / mo.

$24 / mo.

Premium plan starts at

Why choose Beep over Usersnap

35 hours per month
average time saved for each user in a tech company or digital agency
Beep saves 35 hours per month

almost an entire workweek freed up for other activities!

Try Beep for Free

No credit card required

Quick & easy setup

Install the extension, register and start using the tool fully in less than 1 minute!

Beep is quick and easy to setup

Works on any live site

Pin comments anywhere, on any live website - even works on web-based documents!

Beep works on any live website

Automatic screenshots

Attached to every comment pointing out where the feedback was left.

Beep takes an automatic screenshot

Send to anyone

Share feedback even to non-users via a link or email. Great for client work!

Send beeps to anyone

Instant notifications

Beep users tagged in any comment will receive a browser notification.

Send users instant notifications with Beep

Real-time collaboration

Every comment comes with a reply section allowing users to further discuss in real-time.

Real-time collaboration with Beep

Attach files

Clearly show what you want. Attach files up to 50MB to each comment.

Attach files of up to 50MB with Beep

Screen recordings

Add context to your feedback. Up to 10 minutes of screen recording time.

Organize comments

Via projects or hashtags, comments can be grouped into shareable documents.

Organize comments with Beep

Assign tasks

Select a person responsible for each feedback. Great for accountability!

Assign tasks with Beep

Track & manage tasks

Every comment comes with a clear status toggle and can be tracked to completion along a progress board.

Beep allows you to track tasks until completion

Enhanced workflow

Export feedback directly to your favorite collaboration & productivity tools.

Integrate Beep with other tools
Your All-in-One Feedback Toolkit
Join hundreds of others who've made the switch
Here's why people 💜 beep


Very rarely do I see a tool that I think could just revolutionise so many aspects of my workflow.

Really excited to see how this changes how I’m providing reports to clients, creating content for social media and designing my own tools!

Charlie Y.

App Developer


The sheer simplicity and power packed into Beep are mind-blowing! The ability to effortlessly share feedback, explanations, and instructions by simply pointing and clicking on anything across the web is a stroke of genius. It's like having a personalized virtual tour guide through the digital landscape, enabling seamless communication in a visual and intuitive manner.

Shivam T.

Content Marketer


Beep is a game-changer for simplifying online communication. The ease of pointing, clicking, and sharing thoughts makes it a must-have tool. It's like a visual language for the web! Excited to see how Beep transforms the way we collaborate online.

Istiak A.



The uses and applications for this are nearly endless for anyone in frontend design... you can get feedback from clients, internally, bug reports, and much more.

Anthony L.



I have been using Beep to share feedback with others, it's much faster than a Zoom call or a Google doc. Highly recommended!

Orlie S.

Startup Tech Developer


This is so cool! When we were working on the our website, it was a hassle each time; between testing then reporting the bugs to the design team, taking screenshots, etc. but this makes it more easier and centralized.

Rihab Z.

Marketing Lead


I've been using Beep for quite some time now and it's been a great experience! Super easy to use and it works wonder when you're giving feedback or asking for changes. Amazing aid for the remote teams! 💜🙌🏻

Mansi T.

Outreach & Operations


Looks really cool to speed up strategies, feedback and research across webpages with the team instead of going back and forth with Looms and links

Nico S.

Early Stage Growth Expert


Awesome Product! Kind of like the old MS Edge but even better

Emad K.

Software Developer


Using 'Beep!' has truly made sharing feedback and instructions online a breeze. This tool offers a unique ability to simply point and click on any element of a web page, write my thoughts, and instantly share them with colleagues or friends. I particularly appreciated the feature of automatically creating a screenshot with each comment, showing where on the page I clicked. This makes comments not only easily locatable but also extremely clear and actionable.

Oleksii K.



Great solution!
It took me a long time to figure out what to describe the improvements.
The comment function of this product is similar to Figma and easy to understand.
For example, This would be useful for a website renewal project.

Kurachi S.

Lead Engineer


As a passionate reviewer, I often face misunderstandings, and what happens even more often is that part of my critique is overseen and forgotten. With your tool and the possibility to assign a status, that would happen way less often.
If this were a desktop tool making screenshots of any open window and not just browsers, I would definitely use it on a daily basis for code/design reviews.

Caroline S.


featured with 4.7⭐ on Chrome Store

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Install the extension

from our Chrome Store page and pin to your browser's toolbar.

40 secs.
45 seconds timer
Beep registration only takes 40 seconds

using your email & name, then select a username & avatar.

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Share feedback from anywhere on the web with anyone - instantly!

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