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Meet Our Team

It all began with our company's primary Founder & CEO, Farid Shukurov.

As a UX/UI designer with over 10 years’ experience, he often found the monotonous iteration process with simultaneous clients inconvenient - and often frustrating. Endless screenshots and screen recordings would be exchanged in an attempt for clear communication. However, this method was both time-costly and required knowledge in image or video editing. And despite the visual aid, messages were often still misunderstood and required further clarification.

Existing tools didn't quite cut it, so Farid gathered an experienced team of people who each shared this pain in their individual jobs. They decided to create that tool themselves.

And, thus, "Beep" was born.

Enabling people
to effortlessly 
improve the web,
one beep at a time.
Farid Shukurov, Beep CEO
Farid Shukurov

The key visionary, strategist and decision-maker in charge of the overall management of the company and its front-end development. Farid not only possesses extensive experience in starting multiple businesses to profit, but also brings his over 8 years of experience in UX & UI into every product he develops.


While working as a waiter in Germany, he got bored and started building a robot. His love for building got him to start learning coding. And then at age 19, he built a food-tech application. You can say that building things is part of Farid's DNA.


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Roberto Perez, Beep CMO
Roberto Perez

The brains, discerning eyes and voice behind the company's sales & marketing initiatives. Roberto adds more impact using his management & consumer behavior tactics gained while having previously worked for companies such as the Ritz-Carlton & Kantar.


In 2020, he wagered he could make a relatively  unknown term trend online using only a Youtube channel. In just one year, aside from amassing 11,000+ subscribers, the term successfully became one of the most discussed topics on the web.


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  • Roberto Perez Product Hunt profile
Abbas Mirzayev, Beep CTO
Abbas Mirzayev

The fundamental pillar building the framework that keeps Beep operational, Abbas is an experienced developer with previous startup experience. He ensures the integrity of the company's technological ecosystem and leads its back-end development.


In 2019, having founded and managed a company in China, he brings a broader business acumen to the table alongside his tech & software development speciality. This helps him build great products strategically for a commercial purpose.


  • Abbas Mirzayev LinkedIn
Maryna Filatenko, Beep Product Designer
Maryna Filatenko

The magic in charge of crafting the "look & feel" of Beep to ensure the tool stands out in both design & useability. Maryna's design skills, business acumen and user research talent have helped her launch numerous successful products before deciding to join Beep.


Design that beautifully stands out, yet is also functional is a philosophy that even influences the great effort and attention to detail with which she puts together her many unique outfits. You'll rarely see her wear the same overall outfit twice.

Product Designer

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No credit card required.

Supercharge your workflow with Beep - get started in under a minute!

Made for creators, builders & visionaries.

The Company Journey

A glimpse into Beep's key milestones

Jan ⏤ 2023

Beep officially releases to the public
When was Beep founded

After being a work-in-progress for 6 months, a name ("Beep") was chosen for the tool, a logo was drafted, and the earliest working prototype (MVP) was launched to over 150 beta testers.

The user feedback proved promising and Beep's first sale was made. Encouraged by this, further development on Beep continued.

March - July 7 ⏤ 2023

First fundraising offer & Baku ID (Baku Investment Day)
Beep goes to Baku ID 2023

Beep receives its first fundraising offer. Aside from the financial support, the team also went through a 3-month accelerator program that helped build a great foundation for success.

This journey culminated in being featured as one of the startups who pitched during the Baku Investment Day.

September 19-21 ⏤ 2023

TechCrunch Disrupt 2023 | Startup Battlefield
Beep at the TechCrunch Disrupt Startup Battlefield 2023

From thousands of applicants, Beep was one of the 200 startups from around the world selected to take part in TechCrunch Disrupt's Startup Battlefield 200 in San Francisco, USA.

Attending the event was helpful in building relationships with key stakeholders in the North American market.

November 11-14 ⏤ 2024

Beep is invited to the WebSummit in Lisbon, Portugal
Beep goes to the WebSummit Lisbon 2023

Beep is invited to participate at the WebSummit held in Lisbon, Portugal, and is designated an exclusive booth to showcase our product.

The event allowed the team to network and build relationships with stakeholders in the European region. Gaining additional understanding of the market allowed the further refinement of Beep's strategy moving forward.

December 14 ⏤ 2023

Becoming a 500 Global portfolio company
The Beep team at 500 Global, 500 Georgia

Beep was selected as one of the 10 startups to participate in the prestigious 500 Global (500 Georgia, Batch 5) Accelerator Program. During this time, Beep onboards over 120 companies to its growing userbase.

And after undergoing 3 months of intensive MBA-like training, the program culminated in a Demo Day where Beep pitched to and networked with notable investors and industry leaders from the region.

December 22 ⏤ 2023

Beep wins "Product of the Day" & more on Product Hunt
Beep wins Product of the Day on Product Hunt

Beep launches for the second time on Product Hunt, this time with a much more robust product and a better marketing effort.

Despite competing with other strong products like MidJourney v.6, Beep successfully ends the day with the "#1 Product of the Day" title, and later is also awarded with "#2 Product of the Week" in the Productivity category & "#3 Product of the Week" in the Design Tools category.

February 26 ⏤ 2024

Launched as a 'Select' product on AppSumo
Beep launches on AppSumo

Following a successful launch on Product Hunt, Beep was approached by AppSumo and invited to be featured as a 'Select' product on their online marketplace.

After 2 months of preparation, Beep finally goes live on AppSumo. In only the first week, Beep's sales hit over $7500 and onboards 225 new users.

March 7 ⏤ 2024

1000-user milestone is reached
Beep reaches 1000 users!

Beep's community surpasses 1000 users and continues to keep growing.

Among these are teams from over 300 companies, namely: digital agencies, marketing agencies, UX/UI consultancy firms and other small & medium enterprises in the tech industry.

May 31 ⏤ 2024

Usage of Beep continues to grow exponentially
Beep surpasses 15000 tasks performed

As our userbase continues to grow, we saw a steady increase in usage (measure by the number of tasks performed on Beep).


At the end of May, we recorded a total of 15,000+ tasks created from when Beep was first launched. With an average 25-35% increase in activity in the last few months.

June 3 ⏤ 2024

Selected by Meta & Genesis to take part in their accelerator
Beep is selected by Meta & Genesis to take part in TRMNL4 Startup Academy

Out of over 2,100 startups that applied, Beep was one of 50 to be chosen by Meta (owner of Facebook, Instagram & Whatsapp) & Genesis and admitted into their accelerator program: the TRMNL4 Startup Academy.

In this program, the team joins a cohort of like-minded groups and is exposed to field & industry experts through workshops & mentorship sessions.

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