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Beep v.5 - Show/Hide Beeps

Updated: Apr 16

We have just launched Beep v.5! 🚀

Along with minor bug fixes, this update also comes with the ability for users to show & hide beeps on the webpage they are viewing, and also filter their visibility by status.


Requested by

Web development agency users.


At Beep Productivity Inc., we believe every second counts.

Now, it is even easier to systematically address all the feedback sent to you without leaving the page. This saves you 5 seconds of having to head to the progress board on your Beep dashboard to track the completion of tasks. (It might not seem like much, but 5 seconds is the difference it takes to make it on time before the bus leaves or the train doors close on a daily commute)

With Beep v.5, you can now:

  • See where all the beeps are located on the webpage - in just one click!

  • Filter the visibility of beeps by status, so you can see what beeps are remaining 'to do' or 'in progress'. This helps avoid cluttering your screen with already completed or unassigned feedback, and makes it easier to focus on tasks that still need to be addressed.

Try it Now!

To learn how to use these features, read our dedicated help center article.

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