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The ONE Thing All Winners & Top Companies Possess (Not What First Comes to Mind)

Whether on an individual or organizational level, there is one key ingredient that determines the ones that make it to the top from the ones who don't.

Do you know what it is?

Let's take business for example, experts point to success coming from a strategically crafted marketing mix - i.e., one's product, price, distribution channels and communications. There are more elements to the marketing mix, but none of these ultimately dictate success.

There is an age-old proverb quoted by Benjamin Franklin that is of relevance here:

“For want of a nail, the shoe was lost. For want of a shoe, the horse was lost. For want of a horse, the rider was lost. For want of a rider, the battle was lost. For want of a battle, the kingdom was lost, And all for the want of a horseshoe nail.”
Benjamin Franklin

Though the proverb's intent was to emphasize the need to pay attention to the small details, it begs to ask why that one nail was missing in the first place. Was it neglect? Lack of communication? Lack of resources?

No matter what could have been the reason, there is one underlying factor that could have prevented any of them from occurring. This is the key ingredient all winners possess and try to optimize.


If tasks were done faster, there would be more time to double-check and realize there was one nail missing. If messages could have been sent faster - including any updates on the number of nails required - the resources would have been delivered and the sufficient number would have been prepared.

Think about it. The same goes for sports. Winners are those who cross the finish line first, those who throw the first good punch, or those who score points the fastest within the allotted time. Sports and business are the same in many regards.

Speed in Business

Speed is needed in business

To name a few, here are a few examples of how speed plays a pivotal role in business:

  • "First-Mover Advantage" - The company that first introduces a product or service to the market gains the advantage of establishing a stronger brand recognition and cultivate brand loyalty before later competing entrants.

  • Being quick to contact and reach agreements with key shareholders means having the resources to build and launch sooner.

  • Being quick to connect with potential customers, sell and get their feedback means a attaining profitability sooner, being able to improve the offering faster, and preventing competitors from stealing your market share.

  • Being quick to acknowledge and solve customer issues means higher customer satisfaction, the prevention of negative reviews, and potentially greater total customer lifetime value.

  • Being the first company to spot trends (whether they present opportunities or threats) and adapt ensures relevancy in the marketplace.

Speed is required at every stage of the company, on both a micro and macro level. This is why many companies today adopt an agile approach in their operations - especially commonplace in the software industry.

Whether you are an employee or a business owner, speed plays a part in your contributions and results. Often, what stops us from performing to our maximum capabilities are these top time-wasters at work.

Other times, what we need are better tools.

Introducing Beep: the tool for faster web collaboration

Though Beep is not for everyone or useful in all industries, the tool can prove to be highly valuable for those working in project management, software development, marketing and digital products.

The biggest bottleneck in business is often communication, whether that be due to:

  • needless back-and-forth due to clarify misunderstandings

  • swapping between different collaboration and messaging tools

  • organizing and conducting meetings that rarely is all relevant to all invited

  • regularly asking others for something you need to complete a task

With Beep, most of that hassle is avoided:

  • Beep allows you to drop a comment anywhere on any webpage. This comment can then be sent to others using @[username] (if they are already a Beep user) or through a link. For those accessing the link, a screenshot of the page will be shown displaying where on the page you clicked on. Those you send it to can also reply in real time. As Beep allows you to send both text and context (screenshot), your instructions or feedback is much clearer to others, thereby reducing needless iterations.

  • Collaborating on Beep allows you to send that first message without ever leaving the page you're on. Reading or leaving replies are then done on a separate page accessible through a link at the bottom of the comment (though we are working on enabling same-page collaboration for users).

  • Beep's aim is to provide a smooth and efficient collaboration tool that does away with useless meetings. As long as there is a way to clearly communicate instructions and feedback, then meetings that pretty much do the same thing can be avoided.

Though the tool is still in development, Beep is already available-for-use for you to try. Our growing userbase have reported great benefits using the tool - and the tool is only going to get better with the feedback we receive.

Why don't you try it out for yourself? Click the link below!

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